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Silvana D. Romagnino
R&D Director; Emerging Rroducts & Technologies
Institution: Avaya



Silvana D. Romagnino currently leads Avaya's Emerging Products & Technologies R&D team in Canada responsible for emerging collaboration-centric business applications. She has been developing industry leading technologies and products for 25 years, acquiring a wide breadth of technology and business knowledge and experience, crossing telecomm and IT, covering both Carrier and Enterprise, ranging from products to solutions. She has led teams in the incubations of industry firsts, has led Nortel's Advanced Research group focused on the delivery of leading technologies and capabilities and a rich patent portfolio, and has lead many other product and technology developments for BNR/Nortel and Avaya. Silvana received her BEng, with honours, from McGill University, Montreal, and her MEng from Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada.


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