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Paul Sulkers
Ontario Industry Executive, Health Industry
Institution: IBM



Paul Sulkers has 38 years experience in healthcare informatics. He has gained his experience through many years of direct implementation of advanced e-health and clinical systems in Canada and Australia. In 1997, Paul developed the strategy for the electronic Child Health Network (ECHN), incorporating the management of chronic paediatric conditions. In 2000, he led the design of a Chronic Disease Management System for NSW Health in Australia. While in Australia, he also established a shared research analytics environment at Melbourne Health, supporting diabetes, epilepsy and cancer research. In 2005, while with the Toronto Academic Health Science Network (TAHSN), Paul supported a CDM solution for renal disease, and led strategies for a regional EHR for Toronto.
Paul holds a BSc and MSc in Computing Science from the University of Alberta, where his thesis focused on the Requirements for Medical Information Systems. Paul is currently the Ontario Industry Executive for IBM Health Industry, responsible for IBM’s healthcare strategies and business in Ontario.


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