hSITE is launched by virtue of a five-year award by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research
Council (NSERC) through its Strategic Research Networks (SRN) Program. As per the program
guidelines, networks must develop an administrative structure "appropriate for managing a complex,
multidisciplinary, multi-institutional project".

Three main components constitute the hSITE governance framework:

Board of Directors:
Has fiduciary responsibility for all hSITE funds and final authority over all managerial and funding
decision-making in the Network.

Scientific Committee:
Plans the hSITE research program, including program content, responsibilities of investigators and
budget allocations; recommends the research program to the Board of Directors for its final approval
at appropriate intervals.

Health Systems Relationships Advisory Committee:
Advises the Board of Directors and Scientific Committee on subjects of relevance.

Scientific Director:
Professor David V. Plant (McGill University) is Principal Investigator and founding Scientific Director
of the hSITE Strategic Research Network.

McGill University is the host institution for the hSITE head office and administration.

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